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World Mental Health Day

Every day is day to take care of your mental health

Between several campaigns with the focus of expanding understanding and relevance of mental health care, it was instituted by the World Mental Health Federation, October 10 as the "World Mental Health Day".Currently many campaigns and awareness programs are carried out with the aim of increasing visibility, expanding dialogue and overthrowing taboos related to mental health. For the correct information on the subject, enable a new look, directed to the importance of pursuing appropriate and specialized treatment whenever necessary.

amidst countless tasks, constant changes and demands of the scenario in which we live, take care of physical and mental health often seems to be a challenging task, but it deserves to be prioritized in our lives.

However, it is essential to understand that mental health is not only the absence of mental illness, besides being influenced by biological, social and psychological issues, is also related to the quality of life and well-being, with the form that each person deals with his emotions, reacts, faces the challenges and changes of life, both in personal and professional, facing his day to day more lightly and balanced.

For that, staying mentally healthy requires that each observe and recognize its limits, identify the difficulties and / or losses that occur in your daily life and thus realizes that seeking psychotherapy is a determining factor for the mental health of any person, whether for new discoveries, quality of life, well-being, self-knowledge, to work their pains and suffering, conflict resolution and skill development.

Text elaborated by the psychologist and member of the core Cog Jerusa Camargo.