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Tolerance, a vital posture


On November 16, the International Day of Tolerance is celebrated. The celebration was instituted by the UN (United Nations) and aims to encourage the fight against any type of intolerance and prejudice, be related to religious, sexual, economic and or cultural aspects. Thus, seeking to promote respect, dialogue and well-being of all.

The importance of the date is highlighted when, daily, we come across news and reports of people or groups that were victims of intolerance, reaching very serious situations. For example, according to the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra, 2021), Brazil is considered the country that kills transvestites more and transparent people, especially trans women. Another example is the increase in the last years of denunciations of violent acts based on religious intolerance, especially when considering the existing prejudice with the religious culture of African matrix (Souza, 2020). These situations, which cause malaise to those who read the reports, invite us to stimulate tolerance as an act of respect for the life of the other.

Being tolerant involves an acceptance attitude. Accept what is different from the reality in which one lives, to accept that the other may have a behavior or a distinct opinion of what is owned. It is not a matter of categorizing and hierarching, it is only to accept that the difference exists, seeing plurality as a force that allows the construction of a more just, creative and harmonious society.

But how to practice and be more tolerant? The first step is to recognize the benefits of the exercise of tolerance, which corresponds to the establishment of more cooperative relationships. The second step is to seek empathy, which involves the attitude of putting himself in the other's place, understanding him and worrying about his needs and feelings. For this, one must create a connection to each other, rescuing the sense of humanity that unites us, realizing that just like me and how you, the other people are also seeking to have fun, work, to relate and live the life that in perception It is worth living.

On the day of tolerance, the incentive is for you to perceive yourself in your relationships and seek to be tolerant. Tolerant attitudes are beneficial for your health and health and well-being of people who cross your way. Finally, let us reflect the video on the day of the tolerance produced by the UN: Watch? v = tpvy4bx_gbw. He highlights the importance of listening to the story of the other and is an invitation to review our concepts, talks and attitudes against different.

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