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Longing. Santa Catarina. Brazil.

miss. Santa Catarina. Brazil.No one wins before a tragedy that victimizes children and adults. No one benefits from the incalculable and irreparable pain of those who lose. And we all lose. Who commits crime loses. Who is a victim loses even more.This is an individual mourning, but also collective. A tragedy so large and with so much repercussion affects many people from the most diverse forms. The pain is collective, but very unique.

We of the heart - core of studies on CEFI mourning, we solidize with the tragedy occurring in SC. We understand that it is necessary to do justice in the face of such violence, and we also understand, that an entire city is saddened by both the act and, mainly, by the consequences.

We know that before the agonizing pain the best we can offer is love, speech and listening. The love that transcends death and the pain of loss, speech that builds words and meanings for what it seems unbearable and ethical listening and continent that helps transform pungent pain.

We want, through this statement, to manifest our solidarity with the people involved in the tragedy in the city of homesickness in Santa Catarina and say that as healthcare professionals, we are available to the community to assist in what is possible.

Ana Maria Dall'Agnese CRP 07/12528
Mariana Zanatta CRP 07/26370