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Father's Day 2020

Being a father ...


Father's Day 2020 will be a celebration marked by a very context


private. In addition to the growing approximation of men in functions historically


built as maternal, in the midst of the pandemic, we see an opportunity to re-signify parental functions. Today we do not differentiate between the functions of father and mother, since caring, exercising a supportive role and a secure base for


offspring development is a function of everyone involved.


The family experience requires care, limits, partnership, fun, protection,


stimuli ... Allowing men to get close to their sensitive and loving side is essential so that the role of parents can also accompany the social changes that have been happening. There is no specific parent role. A father is built based on his history and performing the functions that are necessary for his


family. Regardless of the personal construction of the role of father, this parental figure proves to be extremely influential in the construction of the children's worldview, either with his presence or as his absence.


More than attending to one or more tasks, we invite parents to connect


with the values that guide your fatherhood. And on that Father's Day, CEFI wants the freedom for each parent to be the best parent they can be.

Text by Psychologist Daniel Mazzali coordinator of the CEFI SYS group - Systemic Therapies