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May 15, Social Worker's Day

On May 15, the Social Worker's Day is celebrated, date that aims to give greater visibility to this profession as important and necessary for society. Thinking about historical data, how did social service arise in Brazil and in the world? According to research from the CEFI-SYS core clinical psychologist, Maria Eduarda Cioccari, the social service had its origins within the Catholic Church and aimed at preparing the great working mass for industrial capitalism.According to the study, in 1899, the World Social Security School in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, and in Brazil, emerged in 1936 in São Paulo. In 1925, the National Work Council was created and, in 1926, work protection laws were approved, such as vacation law, minor code, insurance-disease, etc.According to the Social Worker, a mental health specialist with chemical dependence, chemical dependency consultant and member of the CEFI-Integration Nucleus, Gustavo Lopes Jaques, the role of the Social Worker assists in the life change of individuals due to situations of vulnerability and social inequalities, which can generate violence, poverty, crime and drug use. "The social service professional contributes to individuals to achieve their individual rights," said Jacks.

"The Social Worker is the professional who struggles for a more just and equal nation, providing the population access to social rights policies, such as health, education, feeding, social security, housing, social and culture assistance, with the objective that people can obtain a full and satisfying condition of life, as indicated the Federal Constitution, "said Maria Eduarda.

Jaques reported that, in mental health outpatient clinics, the Social Worker helps meet users and family during some treatment process, both therapeutic and detoxification, for example. "In addition, it plays an important role in the diagnosis and discussion of the social conditions of individuals, always working together with multiprofessional team to ensure rights and access to health services to the population," added the consultant.

CEFI-FACEFI congratulates social workers for exercising with such dedication and commitment this arduous and compensating social mission.

article written by Maria Eduarda Cioccari, Clinical psychologist - SYS Core, and Gustavo Lopes Jaques - Social Worker, Mental Health Specialist with Chemical Dependence and Member of the CEFI-Integration Nucleus.