Cefi College



CEFI, being a Study Center, is constantly seeking to improve its services. Thus, the Research Center was created from the intention of taking advantage of existing data in the clinical area, aiming to strengthen and integrate the theories studied with the practice of care.
The Center studies current themes, such as the family relationship of users of Crack, organizes databases related to CEFI-related subjects, and organizes research projects in order to elaborate and publish scientific articles.
Through the Research will be obtained data that will serve as subsidies for the best. qualification of the teaching and clinical areas. In addition, due to the fact that there are few researches in the systemic area, the Center seeks to contribute to expand the studies based on this


  • Daniel Bratta Mazzali CRP 07/21353 Supervising Psychologist

    Psychologist graduated from PUCRS. Specialist in Systemic Therapy, Individual, Couple and Family at CEFI, graduated from the first class of the CEFI / CIPCO Third Generation Contextual Therapy Training Course.


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  • Denise Cápua Corrêa

    Member of CORA. Psychologist graduated from PUC - RS, Specialist in Organizational and Work Psychology from CRP 07, Specialist in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, from Unisinos. Attends the Specialization in Interventions in Mourning Situations and Systemic Therapy by CEFI.

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  • Mara Lins

    Psychologist (CRP 07/05966); Master in Social Psychology at PUCRS; PhD student in Clinical Psychology at UNISINOS; Specialist in Clinical Psychology by the Federal Council of Psychology; Member of ABEAD (Brazilian Association of Studies on Alcohol and other Drugs); Individual, Couple and Family...


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