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Dry January

Dry January is a public health campaign that emerged in the United Kingdom in 2011 at the initiative of Emily Robinson, former CEO of the NGO Alcohol Change, who set out to drink alcohol in January as a preparation. to run a half marathon. The campaign aims to prevent people from drinking alcohol during the month of January. In 2013, Alcohol Change promoted the first edition of the campaign and in 2014 it was endorsed by the UK Department of Health. It has an application that helps the participant to commit to the goal, showing day by day the reduction of calories ingested by alcohol withdrawal, the amount of money that was not spent on alcohol, among other benefits. Apart from the United Kingdom, the proposal to abstain from alcohol, especially at the beginning of the year, is interesting because it stimulates a healthier lifestyle, promotes an improvement in the sleep pattern, as well as more awareness about the harmful effects related to alcohol consumption. alcohol as shown by a survey conducted in 2018 and 2019 in the United Kingdom at the University of Sussex. Most participants who underwent the study were gratified by the results provided by 1 month without alcohol, in addition to significant improvements in physical and mental health, were also satisfied with the financial savings and abstinence in January provided more commitment to abstinence in other months of the year. The month of January starts the year and the idea of starting the same without alcohol is a beautiful plan that can generate commitment in subsequent months. Take January to set goals that will benefit your physical and mental health, such as exercising, eating healthy, sleeping better, not drinking alcohol or better, not using alcohol or any other substance is to start the year on the right foot. full of actions that generate significant results for your well-being and better quality of life.