Cefi College


  • Dayane Martins

    Dayane Martins


    Ex-student of specialization in cognitive-behavioral therapy

    "My experience with the course was quite positive, from the faculty, very qualified and available to take our doubts, to discuss cases in supervision. Over the course of these two years I could observe my skills as a cognitive-behavioral therapist being developed and how much this course added to my clinical practice, besides having always been welcomed in the institution, which makes Jus to the CEFI family motto. / p>

  • Melissa Triska

    Melissa Triska


    Student from the first class of specialization in food equilibrium with emphasis on contextual behavioral therapies

    "Excellent teachers, dynamic classes, uniting theory and practice with mastery. All teachings are applicable in clinical practice, in addition to all reflections and personal growth"

  • Alice Xavier

    Alice Xavier


    Ex-student of specialization in cognitive-behavioral therapy

    "I liked several aspects of the course, but the main ones were the diversified form with what the content was approached, both through theoretical classes, and classroom in the mirror room, as well as over the supervision. I also liked the the content is quite comprehensive. We have seen several aspects of cognitive behavioral therapy and we also saw some tools of other therapy, especially those derivatives from CBT and, of course, the institution's environment for being very welcoming and, in a way, family, contributed a lot To be very pleasant this course "