DBT skill training for health professionals

3rd class
  • Target Audience:

    Doctors, social workers, psychologists and other health professionals who want to experience and deepen their knowledge about dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

  • Total workload


  • Period

    04/06/21 to 06/08/21 (weekly) Fridays, totaling 10 meetings


  • MATRÍCULA: R$ 120,00

    TREINAMENTO: R$ 1.750,00, parcelado em até 4X sem juros (cheques pré-datados ou cartão) ou 10% de desconto à vista (dinheiro ou cheque): R$ 1.575,00.
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The CEFI contextus (DBT) behavioral therapy team (DBT) offers skill training specially directed to professionals working in the area of mental health.

This training aims to provide the experience of DBT skills, useful to promote greater awareness of themselves, to manage their own emotions, improve interpersonal relationships and increase self-respect.

We will teach skills and resources that will be very useful for your personal and professional life.

The modules are:

Full Attention Skills

malaise tolerance

Emotional regulation

Interpersonal effectiveness.

When we experience something that makes sense to us, it is much easier to put into practice in other relationships. This training helps that we can reproduce these skills in other contexts: work, family, friends, etc.


Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Psychologist (PUCRS). MBA in People Management with emphasis on Strategy (FGV / RS), Didata in Group Dynamics (SBDG) and qualification as PDA Analyst (Personal Development Analysis). International Training in Organizational Executive Coaching - Transformational Ontological Methodology with Leonardo Wolk, Leader Coach by ICI and The Coaching Clinic - Corporate Coach U. Training in Team Coaching with John Leary-Joyce (Academy of Executive Coaching - England), Coaching Course Team with Áurea Castilhos and Coaching Courses with Rosemary Napper (England). Training in Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Centro). Specialization in Third Generation Contextual Behavioral Therapies (CEFI / CIPCO). Complementary training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He works in the clinical area with adults, adolescents and couples with a focus on Contextual Therapies. He is a member of the CEFI Contextus team. He was a professor at Universities PUCRS (1999), Integrated Universities Cândido Rondon / MT (2001) and La Salle Businnes School / RS, at the MBA in People Management and Coach Leadership (2015 and 2016). She is Coordinator and Facilitator of Training in Group Dynamics - SBDG.

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

Psychologist. Master in Psychotherapy. Member of the CEFI Cora and Contextus team.
Graduated in Conductive Dialectic Therapy by Behavioral Tech and with multiple
training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Analytical-Functional Therapy and
several Contextual therapies. I am a member of the ACBS Chapter Mexico, Director of the
Center for Conductual Therapy in the West in Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-author of the book
“Duel: Treatment based on Aceptación y Compromiso therapy” as well as articles and book chapters on suicide and mourning. He has clinical experience with
patients at risk of suicide, mourning for suicide, Depression, Anxiety and patients
with difficulties in emotional regulation.

Program content

We will teach skills and resources that will be very useful for your personal and professional life.

The modules are:

- Skill Use Guide
- Full Attention Skills
- Tolerance to Evil Being
- Emotional Regulation
- Interpersonal Effectiveness


Technical Coordination:
• José Ignácio Gaitan
• Vanessa Stechow

Administrative Coordination:
• José Ignácio Gaitan
• Vanessa Stechow


At the end of the course participants will be able to know the different skills; Know when you should use them and reproduce them in various contexts: personal, professional, family, social relations and friendship.


Classes will be online, by zoom and will be theoretical- experiential, with great practice, exhibit exhibitions and classes of content.


Experience, practice and learn skills of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) that will be useful for the participants' personal and professional life.

Specific objectives:

• Providing the experience and learning of the skills of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
• Promote greater awareness of yourself
• Learn how to handle and regulate the emotions themselves
Interpersonal and linking with people
• Increase self-respect