Mental Health: Am I Crazy? #JANEIROBRANCO

Mental health: am I crazy? ⁠

Looking for a psi professional is usually left as a last resort, a last resort, when we have reached our limit and we have no hope that situation has a solution. Why is that? ⁠

Perhaps one of the biggest myths that mental health professionals face today is the association that consulting or carrying out psychological counseling means madness, illness and or inadequacy. ⁠

Unfortunately, those most affected by this prejudice are precisely those people who could benefit from psychological support, however, because they are functional ("not crazy"), they do not allow themselves to reap the benefits of this oc

Not everyone needs therapy, however, at some point in life, we can benefit from a space for reflection and self-care.⁠

If we do health check-ups for our body, why not do our mind as well? ⁠

Daniel Mazzali, coordinator of the Systemic Therapy group at CEFI.