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I stopped. AND NOW?

Retirement Challenges
I stopped. AND NOW?

Retirement is considered by many to be a moment of total satisfaction, rest and only what you like, without schedules and obligations. But in many cases, retirees have difficulty adapting to this new phase of life.

For these people who have already retired and are in some difficulty or even suffering, we are offering the course so that they can, together, replain and redo their retirement path.

About training:

This is a different and innovative course that seeks to rescue the satisfaction of people who have already retired and are not happy. Many companies offer retirement preparation courses, but there are no courses for those who have already retired and did not adapt.

Training aims to stimulate the participant in the construction of projects and plans that enable the experience of this new phase of life more pleasantly.


  • Reflect on the dreams and plans that the retiree had for his retirement before starting it.

  • Provide an exchange environment among participants who are going through the same moment of life.

  • Introduce contemporary concepts about aging and retirement issues.

Schematic Content:

  • life and work story
  • retirement representations
  • biopsychosocial health in aging
  • finance and retirement: fears, concerns and experiences
  • family, marriage and retirement
  • life planning
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Luiziane Bellaguarda Brusa da Costa

Luiziane Bellaguarda Brusa da Costa

Master in education and aging by UFRGS. Specialization in language / IPA and social gerontology / UFRGS. Phonoaudiologist. Speaker and consultant in areas of public policy management for the elderly population; Human rights; Diversity and inclusion; Elaboration and monitoring of social projects - Public / private partnerships; Social control - advice and funds of the elderly. He coordinated the policy of attention to the elderly person of the State of Rio Grande do Sul Enient 2016 and 2019. He coordinated the elaboration of the 1st diagnosis of the situation of the elderly person in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (2018).

Janete Rousselet de Souza

Janete Rousselet de Souza

Medical Geriatra and Gerontologist since 1999. Master in Biomedical Gerontology IgG / PUCRS. Precept of the internal medicine service of the Hospital Conceição Group.

Simone das Neves Assis

Simone das Neves Assis

Psychologist, specialization in hospital psychology (UFRGS), Master of Health Sciences: Neurosciences (PUCRS), PhD in Biomedical Gerontology (PUCRS), collaborator of the Memory Center PUCRS, Neurogeneria Group HCPA and the Ischemia Laboratory Cerebral UFRGS. REVISER OF THE CIENTIFIC Journal of UFSC, magazine clinical contexts and magazine Brazilian Notebooks of Mental Health of the Brazilian Association of Mental Health. Scientific member of the Alzheimer's Institute and Parknson of Rio Grande do Sul.

Eduardo Hostyn Sabbi

Eduardo Hostyn Sabbi

psychiatrist, post graduate in hospital hospitality, master in health sciences by UFCSPA, coordinator of the Inst. Abuchim and CEJBF Professor of IBCMED and CCYM, owner-owner of Vitalis Senior Address, Conselheiro da ABRZ Nacional and President of Abraz Rs.


Simone Bracht Burmeister

  • Target Audience:

    Retired people who are not satisfied with the experience of this stage of life or who want to review their life plans.

  • Total workload


  • Period

    08/24, 08/31,14/09, 21/09, 09/28, 05/10, 19/10, 26/10

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