Mourning in the individual and family

Intensive summer course
  • 41ª turma
  • 4ª turma do curso intensivo online (remoto)
  • Target Audience:

    Students and health professionals.

  • Total workload


  • Period

    10 to 14 January 2022


  • Categoria 1: Estudantes e alunos do CEFI:

    R$570,00 – 3 X R$190,00
  • Categoria 2: Ex-alunos do CEFI:

    R$ 630,00 – 3 X R$ 210,00
  • Categoria 3: Demais profissionais:

    R$ 720,00 – 3 X 240,00
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General goal:

provide theoretical subsidies for a broader understanding of the complex mourning process.

Specific objectives:

  • Empower the professional to develop personal skills to deal with mourning situations.
  • Offer professionals trained for mourning interventions for the community.
    • Provide apraticaclínicacomplementary appointment, comaasupervisable specialists.


      Expositive classes and videos.


      • because in professional practice, everyone can come across mourning situations;
      • Because CEFI seeks to work with highly qualified teachers who are reference in their affairs;
      • Because CEFI is a pioneer in training professionals for mourning cases in our state.

        10/01 - Monday - Theory of attachment - death in different perspectives and cultures - Prof. Ana Maria Dall'Agnese
        11/01 - Tuesday - Psychological process of individual mourning - Prof. José Ignacio Gaitán
        12/01 - Wednesday - Process of mourning in children and adolescents Psychological process of family mourning - Prof. Juliana Potter
        13 / 01- Thursday - anticipatory mourning - Prof. Caroline Santa Maria
        14/01 - Friday - Complicated Mourning - Mourning Interventions - Interventions - Prof. Adriana Zilberman


Juliana Potter

Juliana Potter

Graduated in psychology by the pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (2004) has training in family therapy and double by the Institute of the Family of Porto Alegre (2007). It acts as a clinical psychologist of the private office.

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

Psychologist. Master in Psychotherapy. Member of the CEFI Cora and Contextus team.
Graduated in Conductive Dialectic Therapy by Behavioral Tech and with multiple
training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Analytical-Functional Therapy and
several Contextual therapies. I am a member of the ACBS Chapter Mexico, Director of the
Center for Conductual Therapy in the West in Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-author of the book
“Duel: Treatment based on Aceptación y Compromiso therapy” as well as articles and book chapters on suicide and mourning. He has clinical experience with
patients at risk of suicide, mourning for suicide, Depression, Anxiety and patients
with difficulties in emotional regulation.

Caroline Santa Maria

Caroline Santa Maria


Ana Maria Dall'Agnese

Ana Maria Dall'Agnese

holds undergraduate in psychology by unisinos. Specialist in clinical care with emphasis on psychoanalysis by UFRGS and systemic therapy by CEFI, being a psychologist specialist in clinical care and systemic therapy. She is a member of the core of studies on mourning from the family study center and the CEFI individual. She is a patent invited postgraduate degree in mourning interventions. Stage supervisor in psychological clinic for graduation students in psychology and clinical care for specialization students in CEFI. Coordinator in a therapeutic group for mourners. She is one of the authors of the publication Unnamed Loss: How to overcome the absence of loved ones, launched in 2012 by the Pan American Health Organization. Currently she works as a clinical psychologist in private office, a postgraduate guest teacher and stage supervisor. She has experience in group coordination with mourners in clinical and rehabilitation psychology, acting mainly in the following topics: systemic psychology, psychoanalysis, mourning and rehabilitation, serves family, couple, teens and adults. / p>

Adriana Zilberman - CRP 07/04780

Adriana Zilberman - CRP 07/04780

Psychologist from the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos (1989) and Master in Social and Personality Psychology from PUCRS (2002). Specialist in Individual, Couple and Family Systemic Therapy by CEFI (1993); Specialist in Clinical Psychology by CFP (1999). Specialist in Cognitive-behavioral Therapy by FACCAT (2010, RS). Training in Group Dynamics by SBDG (2008), training in Contextual Third Generation Therapies by CEFI ((2015) and training in Emotional Focused Therapy with Couples with Sue Johnson (NY, 2016 and 2018). He is a member of the Deliberative Council and Scientific Researcher of the Gaúcha Family Therapy Association (AGATEF), currently director, teacher and supervisor of the Postgraduate courses at the Center for Family and Individual Studies - CEFI, and was responsible for bringing EFT - Therapy focused on emotions to Brazil , in particular courses and training for interventions with couples, working mainly on the following themes: family and couple, psychotherapy, mourning and other family crises, groups.


Technical coordination:

Ana Maria Dall'Agnese

Administrative coordination:

Denise Capua Corrêa