The Intensive Winter Course "Treatment and Management for Disorder by Substance Use" started this second

On Monday (12/07), it started the winter intensive course "Treatment and management for substance use disorder", which will take place until Friday (16/07) 18h to 10pm. Classes are recorded and are available for 30 days, so registrations are still open, at this link: tus

The course aims to foster the discussion about the importance of the multidisciplinary team in the outpatient treatment of substance-use disorder and instrumentalizing professionals regarding relapse treatment and prevention, considering public health strategies and damage reduction. The training will be conducted by the teachers: Psychologist Carla Nunes Weber, Medical Psychiatrist Clarisse Luisa Stefani, Psychologist Elaine Cristina de Oliveira, Physician Psychiatrist Emmanuel Kanter, Social Assistant Gustavo Lopes Jaques, Psychologist Mariane Radke and Consultant in Chemical Dependence Luiz Antonio de Souza.