LGBTQ HEALTH: Inclusive Sexuality Training Program for Health Professionals (ONLINE COURSE)

2nd Edition
  • Target Audience:

    doctors, nurses, psychologists, psychopedagogists, dentists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, sociologists, as well as other professionals in the health field.

  • Total workload

    25hs / class

  • Period

    10 classes with weekly attendance, on Wednesdays - 09/30 to 12/02


  • Categoria 1:Estudantes de graduação, alunos CEFI, professores CEFI sênior

    3x R$180,00
  • Categoria 2: Ex-Alunos CEFI

    3x R$190,00
  • Categoria 3: Demais profissionais

    3x R$200,00
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This course is a continuous training program for health professionals in terms of their knowledge, attitudes and practices related to sexuality and health promotion interventions, in an inclusive way for LGBTQ people1. The focus is on the field of health in general and more specifically on mental health, on the interaction between culture, ideology, politics, human rights, social processes and the constitution of individuals, from a systemic, ecological and development perspective. sustainable. Such phenomena will be developed through LGBTQ and gender studies, Queer Theory and the discovery of Foucault's device of sexuality. It is constituted as a continuing education course.

Therefore, LGBTQ HEALTH is a continuing education program based on a collaborative model for health professionals, with the objective of offering training in the educational process for the inclusive sexuality of the LGBTQ population and increasing levels of mental health of the general population, with a focus on assistance in the territory and training of multipliers.

The course is influenced by projects developed in other countries, such as the United States of America, the team with which the author was active. It is also being developed in Portugal, at the University of Minho in Braga, where the author is currently in the course of his post-doctorate.

Program content

- Inclusion of gender diversity and sexual orientation in health.

- Cultural competence.

- Policies to prevent discrimination against the LGBTQ population.

- Identity and inclusive sexuality of diversity.

- Guidelines for health practices with LGBTQ people.

- Techniques of mental health work with LGBTQ people.


Prof. Dr. João Alves da Silva Neto - Doctorate obtained in a Stricto Sensu Graduate Program recognized by MEC, distinction in technical and professional capacity.