Interventions in the sexuality of the couple

Intensive summer course
  • 3ª edição
  • Target Audience:

    Students and medical professionals and psychologists

  • Total workload


  • Period

    24 to 28 January 2022


  • Categoria 1: Estudantes e alunos do CEFI:

    R$570,00 – 3 X R$190,00
  • Categoria 2: Ex-alunos do CEFI:

    R$ 630,00 – 3 X R$ 210,00
  • Categoria 3: Demais profissionais:

    R$ 720,00 – 3 X 240,00
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Jamile Peixoto Pereira

Jamile Peixoto Pereira

psychologist, graduated by unisinos, master in collective health by UFRGS, specialist in sexual therapy, sexual diversity and gender by INTCC. Specialist in organizational psychology by fadergs. Member of the Sexuality Committee, in the RS psychology society. Attendance in psychotherapy and clinical supervision.

Bárbara Juliana Ahlert

Bárbara Juliana Ahlert

  • psychologist (unisinos) CRP 07/08704: Couples Therapist (CEFI); Sexual therapist (IPHEM RJ); Member of the Brazilian Society of Human Sexuality; Erotic intelligence creator

Lina Wainberg - CRP 07/11129

Lina Wainberg - CRP 07/11129

Psychologist, Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy, Master in Sexology and PhD in Psychology. Member of the Board of the Brazilian Society of Human Sexuality.

Michelli Osanai da Costa - CRM 22806

Michelli Osanai da Costa - CRM 22806

Gynecologist / Obstetrician; Certification in Sexology (FEBRASGO), Specialization in Sex Therapy (ISEXP); Specialization in Couple and Family Therapy (CEFI). Invited professor in the specialization courses in systemic therapy of CEFI - Discipline of Sexuality of the Couple. Residence tutor and Coordinator of the Sexology outpatient clinic of the Gynecology Service of HSL-PUC-RS.


Michelli Osanai da Costa