CEFI-contextus nucleus
  • Target Audience:

    Students and Psychology Professionals

  • Total workload

    12 hours

  • Period

    07/26, 09/08, 08/08, 06/09, 27/09, 11/10, 10/25 and 08/11.2021


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José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán (México)

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán (México)

Psychologist. Master in Psychotherapy. Member of the CEFI Cora and Contextus team.
Graduated in Conductive Dialectic Therapy by Behavioral Tech and with multiple
training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Analytical-Functional Therapy and
several Contextual therapies. I am a member of the ACBS Chapter Mexico, Director of the
Center for Conductual Therapy in the West in Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-author of the book
“Duel: Treatment based on Aceptación y Compromiso therapy” as well as articles and book chapters on suicide and mourning. He has clinical experience with
patients at risk of suicide, mourning for suicide, Depression, Anxiety and patients
with difficulties in emotional regulation.