Graduation of class 85 of the postgraduate course in systemic therapy occurred last Saturday

The post-graduate class 85 of the Systemic Therapy Course: Individual, conjugal and familiar had its graduation performed online on the last Saturday, (02/10). The celebration had CEFI and Facefi, Adriana Zilberman, Mara Lins, Andreia Podolano, Denise Capua, as well as several teachers and monitors of the institution.

This course has existed for more than 30 years and has been empowering and empowering professionals to intervent preventive and therapeutically in situations of couples and families crisis through theoretical-practical and experiential methodology. It covers aspects of different theoretical lines, distinct schools of family therapy; structure and family dynamics; theory of crisis and typology, formation of symptoms; diagnosis and clinical intervention strategies; etc.

Students have unidirectional mirror supervision, team with highly qualified teachers with extensive experience and also do self from the therapist's self. The postgraduate course is recognized by the MEC and the Brazilian Association of Family Therapy (Abratef).