• Target Audience:

    Psychology and medicine professionals and students

  • Total workload

    20 class hours

  • Period

    January 25-29, 2021


  • Categoria 1:Estudantes de graduação, alunos CEFI, professores CEFI sênior

    570,00 (até 3x no cartão)
  • Categoria 2:Demais profissionais

    720,00 (até 3x no cartão)
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This meeting is aimed at students and health professionals, doctors and psychologists,
who propose to work with couples and wish to obtain basic knowledge to
address sexual complaints, which frequently present themselves spontaneous or
covert in couples in therapy.

We know that, in addition to the complexity of the human sexual dimension, sex is a topic
wrapped in taboos and that, due to the poor training and preparation of professionals in undergraduate courses, it becomes an area of difficult approach in clinical practice and is therefore
often neglected.

The objective of this meeting is to develop skills to welcome, investigate and address
sexual complaints of the couple in therapy, to know strategies for intervention in the couple's sexuality, in addition to referral criteria to different specialists.
For this, we will address basic issues in sexuality, such as historical aspects and socio-cultural factors, anatomy and human sexual response, as well as sexual cognitive and behavioral processes. We will study the current definitions of sexual dysfunctions, fundamental concepts and techniques in sexual therapy that enable us to intervene in a more effective way, improving communication and sexual dynamics, promoting sexual health
and rescuing intimacy and sexual satisfaction of the couple.


Michelli Osanai da Costa


Lectures and clinical examples

Program content

The History of Sexuality

Brief history of Sex Therapy

The Human Sexual Response

Fundamentals and basic concepts in Human Sexuality

Female Sexual Dysfunctions I

Female Sexual Dysfunctions II

Male Sexual Dysfunctions I

Male Sexual Dysfunctions II

Fundamentals of Sex Therapy: cognitive and emotional processes in sexual functioning

Main individual causes of sexual dysfunction

Main relational causes of sexual dysfunctions

Love x Desire (Sex in captivity)

Sexual psychoeducation and restructuring of beliefs

Promoting communication and sexual assertiveness of the couple

Main techniques in Sex Therapy: General Techniques (CBT)

Main Techniques in Sex Therapy: Specific Techniques

The use of the Sexual Genogram

Sexuality and life cycle

Rescuing the couple's intimacy and eroticism




Lina Wainberg - CRP 07/11129: Psychologist, Specialist in Couple and Family Therapy, Master in Sexology and PhD in Psychology. Member of the Board of the Brazilian Society of Human Sexuality.

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Michelli Osanai da Costa - CRM 22806: Gynecologist / Obstetrician; Certification in Sexology (FEBRASGO), Specialization in Sex Therapy (ISEXP); Specialization in Couple and Family Therapy (CEFI). Invited professor in the specialization courses in systemic therapy of CEFI - Discipline of Sexuality of the Couple. Residence tutor and Coordinator of the Sexology outpatient clinic of the Gynecology Service of HSL-PUC-RS.

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Bárbara Juliana Ahlert - Psychologist (Unisinos) CRP 07/08704: Couples therapist (Cefi); Sex Therapist (Iphem RJ); Member of the Brazilian Society of Human Sexuality; Creator of Erotica Intelligence.

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