Specialization Course in Individual, Marital and Family Systemic Therapy - Class 85

Porto Alegre March 2020
  • Target Audience:

    Psychologists, Doctors and Social Workers.

  • Total workload

    560 class hours - 2 school years

  • Period

    March 2020


  • Inscrição Especialização:

    R$360 +25 Parcelas mensais R$ 695,00 ou 32 parcelas de R$ 595,00.
  • Inscrição Aperfeiçoamento:

    R$180,00 + 25 parcelas mensais de R$400,00
  • Alunos e ex-alunos do CEFI tem 50% de desconto no valor da inscrição.
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Since 1989, when it began, this course has enabled and trained professionals to intervene preventively and therapeutically in crisis situations of couples and families, through theoretical-practical and experiential methodology. It covers aspects of different theoretical lines, distinct schools of family therapy; family structure and dynamics; crisis theory and typology, symptom formation; diagnosis and clinical intervention strategies; etc. CEFI is affiliated with ABRATEF (Brazilian Association of Family Therapy), has already formed 70 classes and there are 10 groups in progress. In addition to Porto Alegre, the course has already taken place in Caxias do Sul and Santa Rosa, Pelotas, Santo Ângelo, Cuiabá / MT, Sinop (MT) (graduated and ongoing classes).

  • Team and Unidirectional Mirror Supervision;
  • Highly qualified teachers with extensive experience
  • Therapist Self Work


Enable the professional to understand and intervene in individuals, families and couples in the systemic approach.


Theoretical classes - Discussion of texts, presentation and debate of videos, lectures, sociodramatic resources, dynamics, group work.
Practical and experiential classes - Roleplaying, discussion of clinical cases, discussion of videos. of care and movies, care with direct supervision (live care).
Therapist's self work (FOT - Therapist's Family of Origin and FAT - Current Therapist Family), role plays, training of intervention techniques. < / p>


Contact for information and registration - phone 51-33461525 / watsapp 994207008 - email: ensino@cefipoa.com.br


General Coordination: Psic. Adriana Zilberman and Psic. Mara Lins

Teaching Coordination: Maria Eliza Wilke

Program content

CHECK THE PDF WITH THE COMPLETE CONTENT OF THE COURSE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/140vxi3VBx1--N5IYRpnZ1438H73xunhi/view?usp=sharing


Adriana Birmann Zilberman
Andreia Arend Podolano
Angela Cristina Pratini Seger
Cristofer Batista dos Santos
Daniel Bratta Mazzali
Denise Falcke
Denise Silva Motta dos Santos
Gabriela Damasceno Ferreira Campos
Ligia Carangache Kijner

Mara Regina Soares Wanderley Lins
Maria Amélia Jaeger
Maria Eliza Vernet Machado Wilke
Maria Fátima Galarza Rosa
Maria Isabel Wendling
Mariane Brusque Radke
Patricia Santos da Silva


Check the certification by MEC at: https: / /site.cfp.org.br/servicos/titulo-de-especialista/cursos-credenciados/