Clinical applications in contextual behavioral therapies focused on processes

Intensive summer course
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  • Target Audience:

    Professionals and students of psychology and psychiatry with prior knowledge in contextual behavioral therapies.

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  • Period

    10 to 14 January 2022


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    R$570,00 – 3 X R$190,00
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    R$ 630,00 – 3 X R$ 210,00
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    R$ 720,00 – 3 X 240,00
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The contextual behavioral therapies are a diverse set of clinical approaches that have in common the use of functional analysis of clinical behavior as a therapeutic tool and guidance to promote quality of life and emphasis on a focused work to customer values more than the elimination of symptoms or syndromes. They are models that integrate, in a context of experiential learning, perspective taking elements and self-knowledge, attention to the therapeutic relationship and strategies aimed at behavioral repertoire increase so that the person becomes better able to direct their actions towards a better quality of life.

In this way, shows the theoretical and epistemological bases that support contextual therapies as well as the main therapeutic processes this contextual fall view. Consistent with the very contextual point of view, it emphasizes an integration of theoretical aspects and experiential learning: parallel to the presentation of the theoretical foundations and characteristics of models and interventions, students are invited to meet and experience aspects of these models themselves same, through practical and experiential exercises structured in class.


Training focused skills in the processes of Behavioral Therapies Contextual, especially through experiential exercises and simulations of its clinical applications.


Lectures, video presentations and exercises and experiential activities.


Monday, 01/10/2022: Behavioral Change Assessment - Giovani Gatto

Tuesday, 01/11/2022: Process to Expand Consciousness (Mindfulness) - Vanessa Stechow

Wednesday, 12/01/2022: Process to Generate Flexibility - Martha Ludwig

Thursday 13/01/2022: Process for Regular Emotions - José Ignacio Cruz Gaitan

Friday, 01/14/22: Therapeutic Relationship - Application of reinforcement strategies - Mariana Sanseverino Dillenburg

Applications Clinical Therapies Behavioral Contextual focused on Processes


Giovani Gatto - CRP 07/30948

Giovani Gatto - CRP 07/30948

psychologist. Specialist in third-generation contextual behavioral therapies (CEFI / CIPCO). Facing area of domestic violence in different contexts. Facilitators of Gender Reflective Groups in the RS Court of Justice. Teacher of courses in the area of special testimony in the Court of Justice of RS. Teacher trainer in active methodologies in distance learning. It works with disclosure of science as the organizer of the Journal Club of the Behavior movement of RS since 2019. Clinical supervisor of acceptance therapy and commitment in the Portland model. Clinical psychologist in contextual behavioral therapies with experience in attending individuals, groups and couples.

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán

Psychologist. Master in Psychotherapy. Member of the CEFI Cora and Contextus team.
Graduated in Conductive Dialectic Therapy by Behavioral Tech and with multiple
training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Analytical-Functional Therapy and
several Contextual therapies. I am a member of the ACBS Chapter Mexico, Director of the
Center for Conductual Therapy in the West in Guadalajara, Mexico. Co-author of the book
“Duel: Treatment based on Aceptación y Compromiso therapy” as well as articles and book chapters on suicide and mourning. He has clinical experience with
patients at risk of suicide, mourning for suicide, Depression, Anxiety and patients
with difficulties in emotional regulation.

Mariana Sanseverino Dillenburg - CRP 07/27708

Mariana Sanseverino Dillenburg - CRP 07/27708

Psychologist graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). Master's student of the Research and Evaluation Group in Behavioral Cognitive Psychotherapy (GAAPCC) coordinated by Professor Margareth da Silva Oliveira at PUCRS. Specialist in Contextual Behavioral Therapies by CEFI / CIPCO. Has training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) by CEFI. Experience with clinical, home care, care for bereaved people and skills training group. He has been a member of the CEFI Contextus team since 2018. He works in a private practice.

 Martha Wallig Brusius Ludwig - CRP 07/13821

Martha Wallig Brusius Ludwig - CRP 07/13821

Psychologist. Professor and Clinical Supervisor in the area of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies. PhD in Psychology from PUCRS with doctorate internship in the United States with Carlo DiClemente. Advanced Motivational Interview training with William Miller in Texas and CBT course with Judith Beck in Philadelphia. Specialist in Contextual Behavioral Therapies by CEFI / CIPCO. Member of the Cefi Contextus Team.

Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Vanessa Stechow - 07/05471

Psychologist (PUCRS). MBA in People Management with emphasis on Strategy (FGV / RS), Didata in Group Dynamics (SBDG) and qualification as PDA Analyst (Personal Development Analysis). International Training in Organizational Executive Coaching - Transformational Ontological Methodology with Leonardo Wolk, Leader Coach by ICI and The Coaching Clinic - Corporate Coach U. Training in Team Coaching with John Leary-Joyce (Academy of Executive Coaching - England), Coaching Course Team with Áurea Castilhos and Coaching Courses with Rosemary Napper (England). Training in Gestalt Therapy (Gestalt Centro). Specialization in Third Generation Contextual Behavioral Therapies (CEFI / CIPCO). Complementary training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). He works in the clinical area with adults, adolescents and couples with a focus on Contextual Therapies. He is a member of the CEFI Contextus team. He was a professor at Universities PUCRS (1999), Integrated Universities Cândido Rondon / MT (2001) and La Salle Businnes School / RS, at the MBA in People Management and Coach Leadership (2015 and 2016). She is Coordinator and Facilitator of Training in Group Dynamics - SBDG.