Loneliness is beast. Solitude devours.

by psychologist Tirza Martinez - CEFI core - Integration

I was with this song "glued" in my mind. And I began to reflect on how many times we feel alone. In times of pandemic, much more, is right.
But before too.

and soon, to counterape, remember what I learned about the perspective of interdependence and interconnection, concepts that at this time become so obvious.

You can realize the interdependence noting how much your life is supported in the lives of other beings in different ways, from the food you eat and the clothes you wear even your thoughts and the way your mind relates to the world . And on the other hand, how much you also supports other ways other lives, considering your actions, your words and even your thoughts.

The pandemic also comes to highlight this: we are all interconnected.
This awareness may seem simple, or very complex.
I suggest you just take a while to reflect.
And go broadening your perceptions and opening up for something greater than you, bigger than what your eyes reach or what your hands can play. < / p>

Masters Zem teach us that, attached to what limits us, we are a grain of sand in front of the sea of life. Bring your mind the idea that you are a drop of the sea, which can evaporate with a ray of sunshine, but that will also come back like a rain drop to the sea. And then there will be no difference between you and the ocean.

We can also call it spirituality. When we exercise this amplitude, we transcend our ego. We realize that we are not alone and that we are part of an interconnected all; That, when we take care of ourselves, we are also taking care of the others. As we look at the needs of others, nature and everything around us, we are exercising self-care.

Your life is very valuable. Take care.