• Target Audience:

    Couples - regardless of age, life cycle stage, gender and type of relationship

  • Period

    22 and 23 May 2020


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Would you like to strengthen the trust and affective security of your love relationship?

This activity is designed so that couples can understand why it is so difficult to interrupt the spiral of conflicts that stops and disrupts the lasting connection. In this Workshop the couple will be helped to recognize and interrupt their negative cycle, and thus recover and reestablish connection, security and empathetic listening.

Based on the renowned "Hold me Tight" Workshop developed by Dr. Sue Johnson (Canada), this program is anchored in more than 50 years of research on human bonds and has been going on for many years in many countries such as the United States, Canada, Mexico, etc. with great results.

Who can participate?

All couples can benefit, regardless of age, life cycle stage, gender and type of relationship (They can be formally married, in a stable relationship, be boyfriends, fiancés, etc.).

How does it work?

  • Couples do not have any type of sharing or exchange of experiences with each other at any time during the workshop, fully preserving the privacy of each couple. The activities are carried out exclusively between the couple.

  • Couples will receive important information about how attachment develops in adulthood, about love, about emotions, and about emotion-focused therapy.

  • The workshop is led by specialized therapists with extensive experience, and will be available to assist in the couples' experience.


If interested, make contact with Adriana Zilberman: or Fone 51-999013406 (whatsapp).


Adriana Zilberman

Marlise Kreischmann

Susana Seadi

Couple therapists undergoing certification process in EFT Emotional Focused Therapy with couples by ICEFFT - (International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) in Canada.