1st CEFI Contextual Therapy Day: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Confirmed Guest Ph.D Robyn Walser (USA)
  • Target Audience:

    Health Professionals and Students.

  • Total workload

    4 pm

  • Period

    September 18-19, 2020


  • Est. de graduação, Alunos CEFI, Associados FBTC e ACBS e Sênior

    Até 30/04/20 - R$ 500,00 / Até 31/07/20 - R$ 550,00 / A partir de 01/08/20 - R$600,00
  • Ex- alunos CEFI

    Até 30/04/20 - R$ 550,00 / Até 31/07/20 - R$ 600,00 / A partir de 01/08/20 - R$650,00
  • Demais Profisisonais

    Até 30/04/20 - R$ 600,00 / Até 31/07/20 - R$ 650,00 / A partir de 01/08/20 - R$700,00

Programming in Construction, Follow !!!


Students in the CEFI contextualization specialization are exempt from the registration fee.


Strategies / Methods (exhibition, videos, worksheet practices, PowerPoint):

This workshop will include theoretical exposition, Powerpoint slides, videos (DVD), role-playing activities, written exercises and discussion.


The purpose of this workshop will be to train participants in the implementation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a treatment with evidence of effectiveness for various clinical conditions. The theory behind the ACT will be presented, as well as data on its effectiveness. Participants will be invited to undertake various didactic, experiential and practical activities that will help them learn how to implement ACT. In addition to the didactic information, the ACT application will be presented through attendance videos and role-play examples. Throughout the training, participants will work on conceptualizing cases and exploring common barriers and difficulties to ACT practice.



Is one of the best Coaches in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

(ACT) is dynamic, charismatic and creative!