Specialization Course: Contextual Behavioral Therapies Based on Processes

  • Target Audience:

    Psychologists and Doctors

  • Total workload

    460 class hours

  • Period

    August 2020 to August 2022, with holidays in February and July.


  • Categoria 1:Estudantes de graduação, alunos e ex-aunos CEFI, professores CEFI sênior

    R$180,00 taxa de inscrição + Especialização:25 parcelas de R$ 740,00 ou 32 parcelas de R$ 600,00. Aperfeiçoamento:25 parcelas de R$ 490,00 ou 32 parcelas de R$ 390,00
  • Categoria 2:Demais profissionais

    R$360,00 + Especialização:25 parcelas de R$ 740,00 ou 32 parcelas de R$ 600,00. Aperfeiçoamento:25 parcelas de R$ 490,00 ou 32 parcelas de R$ 390,00
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Contextual Behavioral Therapies are linked to basic research that helps to change and improve treatment and training procedures for contextual therapists. Currently, the proposal to conceptualize therapies in the Contextual Behavioral Sciences community is changing from the perspective of therapeutic procedures to the perspective of therapeutic processes. Therapeutic processes are the underlying mechanisms of change that lead to the achievement of a treatment goal. Training based on therapeutic processes facilitates a better understanding of the procedures applied in therapy, because it directly links treatment to theory, and as a result increases the precision, reach, effectiveness and efficiency of therapists, to alleviate problems and promote an improvement in the lives of women. people (Hayes & Hofmann, 2018).


José Ignácio Cruz Gaitán and Mara Lins


Faculty composed of renowned national and international professors


Prof. Confirmed:

Adrian Fantini –Argentina

Alessandra Villas-Boas - São Paulo - SP

Brian Doss - United States

Chris McCurry - United States

Gibson Weydmann - Porto Alegre - RS

Jonatas Passos - Porto Alegre - RS

José Ignacio Cruz Gaitán –Mexico

Karen Vogel - São Paulo - SP

Mara Lins - Porto Alegre - RS

Michaella Saban - São Paulo - SP

Michel Reyes Ortega - Mexico

Roberta Kovac - São Paulo - SP

Robyn Walser –United States

Victor Hugo Fabris –Argentina


In this specialization course, students will be offered the main behavioral processes of the different contextual therapies, integrating the theoretical part with the development of clinical skills, applying the knowledge acquired in skills training practices, attendance supervised in the Chamber of Gesell (room of mirrors) and assistance with indirect supervision.

OBS: There is the possibility that the student only performs the improvement, whose differential is not participating in the practical part of the course and not completing the Course Conclusion Work.


General objective

Promote a Specialization Course in Contextual Behavioral Therapies (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Theory of Relational Frames; Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Behavioral Activation Therapy; Mindfulness; Functional Analytical Therapy; Integrative Behavior Therapy for Couple; Therapy Focused on Compassion) in order to enable professionals to use contextually specific evidence-based therapeutic processes, linked to therapeutic procedures to help solve clients' problems and favor a valuable life.

Specific Objectives

  • Training in the theoretical, methodological, epistemological and instrumental concepts of contextual behavioral therapies;

  • Train in the identification and application of the underlying therapeutic processes in behavior therapies for the betterment of clients;

  • Train clinical skills and competences for assessment, conceptualization, and treatment in different application contexts from a contextual perspective;

  • Develop the integration of basic and applied research procedures that support evidence-based treatments in the clinical practice of students in the specialization;

  • Train the particular skills needed in different contextual behavioral therapies.